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The Complete Range of Solar & Power Backup Products & Services

Solar Combo (SPGS)

Solar Power Generation System

The various combination of the Solar PCU + Solar Panel + Battery which generates the solar power for your several uses.
A wide range of Solar Inverter/UPS starting from 650VA to 30KVA.
We are offering wide range of solar & non solar Tubular Battries starting from 150Ah to 220Ah.
Solar PV (Poly)

Solar Panel

Wide range of the Solar Panel from 100 Watt to 335 Watt.
Product Customization

OEM & ODM Solutions

Our in-house R&D and manufacturing facility enables us to design your products at your specifications.
Logistics Solutions

Supply Chain Management

We do provide domestic & international logistics solutions along with customs etc.
we are IVCM

Powering Your World

For Controling Your Energy Production
IVCM Solar for Home

Solution for Residential & Industrial

With most sunlight conversion efficiency
We have a wide range of Solar Power Backup products specially Solar Hybrid PCU (Inverter/UPS) are mainly divided into two parts. First part is known as the Lower KVA (LKVA) range where our Solar Hybrid PCU starts from 800VA which is a minimum requirement of any household family. This LKVA range (800VA to 2100VA) has been specially defined for the residential requirements purpose. The Second part is known as Higher KVA (HKVA) range where our Solar Hybrid PCU starts from 3000VA which is normally getting used into the small offices. This HKVA range (3000VA to 20000VA) has been specially defined to complete all kinds of commercial & Industrial requirements like Small Offices, showrooms, petrol pumps, hospitals, institutions, factory & industries etc.
IVCM OEM ODM Solutions

OEM & ODM Facilities

inspection to prevent emergency repair
With the help of our highly experienced professional team we have the facility to design & develop the customised requirement based products for the various brands globally. As per our client requirements we are analyzing the things and providing the best possible solutions with the latest technology based Solar & Power Backup products accordingly.
IVCM Shipping Supply Chain Solutions

Shipping & Supply Chain Solutions

Domestic & International
We also provide the logistic solutions for our domestic & international clients (import & export both). Here we are connected with several shipping lines directly especially for the transit mode by Sea & Air to provide best possible services & quotes accordingly.